Welcome to AAPP’s political prisoner database. On this database you can look through and search for data on current, former and fallen political prisoners and the details of their incarceration.For transitional justice to be effective we need to look to the past and remember previous human rights violations. This database is designed to collect and document the vital testimonies and experiences of Burma’s former political prisoners.  

There are two types of access available. The first is open for all and is what you will see when you access the database by clicking the link. This will give you access to our current, former and fallen political prisoner lists and some archived photos which tells the Struggle of Burma’s Democracy Movement.

The second method is our ‘Restricted Researcher Access’, open to researchers, journalists, academic institutions and organisations. This gives access to more detailed and sensitive case information on political prisoners as well as comprehensive information on AAPP activities. Due to the sensitive nature of this information, users hoping to gain access will have to register and apply for a ‘Restricted Researcher Access’ account, which will be granted after a thorough review of your application. For more information on the registration process please contact us directly.

When using the database, you can sort the data by various categories, such as name, date of arrest, section of law they are charged under, organization PPs represent and the stage in their legal process. You can also use the search function to find specific cases.

Please note, this database has just been launched and we kindly request you to help us in its development. We are constantly updating and adding more information to the database so please check back regularly.  If you see information that requires updating, would like to see more information, or just generally provide feedback, please contact us at


Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP)