AAPP has two small museums dedicated to remembering the sacrifices political prisoners have made in their fight for a free, democratic Burma. There is one museum in Rangoon, Burma the other is in Mae Sot, Thailand. The museum houses a number of artifacts relating to political prisoners in Burma, including: photographs; prisoner records; a scale model of Insein prison; a replica prison cell; and items made and used by political activists in prison. The museum display also commemorates those political activists who have died in prison from ill-treatment, torture and malnutrition. Visitors to the museum will learn briefly the history of political prisoners in Burma and about their lives in prison. Visitors also have the opportunity to talk with former political prisoners about these experiences and learn more about the work of AAPP.

Museum in Mae Sot, Thailand


Museum in Rangoon, Burma

Museum in Rangoon, Burma


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday, 9:30 – 17:30 (with or without appointment)
Saturday and Sunday, only upon appointment


In case of weekend visits, or large group, please make an appointment in advance via our contact page, indicating the date, time and number of visitors.