Documentation and Research

A core activity of our organization is the ongoing documentation of human rights violations in Burma. Our documentation and research team diligently monitors the ever changing political landscape in Burma, seeking out accounts of human rights violations and the ongoing arrests of political activists. The key tasks involve managing a comprehensive list of those people awaiting trial for their political activities, updating monthly figures detailing the arrests, sentences, and releases of political activists, and reporting on those who are in poor health.

The publication of our monthly chronology is cataloged from different media outlets and AAPP sources within Burma, and provides a general overview of the current situation in Burma each month. The team also publishes research papers that outline key areas of concern for political prisoners inside Burma, as well as reports used to lobby against the government and build support amongst a network of human rights organizations. AAPP offers a reliable source of information and gives valuable advice and opinions to international researchers, advisers, organizations and journalists working on the protection of human rights in Burma.

In summary, the work of the Documentation and Research Team includes:

  • Writing monthly chronology reports and annual reports
  • Maintaining a list of former and current political prisoners and those awaiting trial
  • Producing advocacy and lobbying materials
  • Publishing academic research papers
  • Answering incoming questions and inquiries from domestic and international media, civil-society organizations and international organizations