Nelson Mandela International Day

July 18, 2019

Nelson Mandela International Day

On the occasion of this year’s Nelson Mandela International Day, AAPP stands with political prisoners all over the world and calls on the Burmese government to incorporate the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for The treatment of Prisoners (SMRs), instead of UN Starndard Minimum Rules. also known as the Nelson Mandela Rules.

The SMRs are guidelines on how prisoners should be treated, and the adoption of them ensures that their human rights are not violated.

 The SMRs set standards related to:

  • respect for prisoners’ inherent dignity,
  • protection of vulnerable groups,
  • access to legal representation
  • mechanisms for independent inspection of prisons.

Despite recent upgrades to the visitor center of Insein Prison and 23,000 prisoners being released under this years Presidential Pardons, prison standards remain dire in Burma. Prisoners are subjected to extreme levels of overcrowding and conditions which are unfit for habitation. AAPP considers the current levels of overcrowding to be considered a form of torture.

Today we remember not just Nelson Mandela, but all political prisoners. It is vital to not only remember past sacrifices, but to stand in solidarity for those continuing to fight for democracy and the improvement of prisoners’ livelihoods. Those imprisoned for exercising their democratic and human rights should not be forgotten.

The Burmese government must remember that human rights are universal, whether in prison or not. The government needs to take immediate action, such as the immediate implementation of the SMRs to protect the human rights of all its citizens, including those in prison.

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