International Women’s Day (2010)

Press Release

8 March 2010 – International Women’s Day
On International Women’s Day, AAPP has released a brief on the women political prisoners. The brief shows that there are women from all across Burma and from various sectors of society, who are imprisoned for their political beliefs. There are women in prison as young as 21 and as old as 68. The brief also describes one woman’s experience during her 11 years in prison which includes difficulties with access to health care. According to AAPP there are presently 177 women political prisoners across Burma. Many women have been separated from their husbands and children. The report continues AAPP’s calls for better access to healthcare in prison, as it describes three women who currently have serious health concerns.

AAPP secretary, Tate Naing says “these women are a powerful force for the future of Burma. They need to be treated with respect and dignity and released immediately”.

“Women political activists have played a very important part in the pro-democracy movement and the protection of women’s rights in Burma, and they will continue to make valuable contributions. We need them.”

AAPP calls for immediate release of all political prisoners in the lead up to the 2010 elections and for political prisoners to be able to participate in the national reconciliation process.


Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)
For more information –
Tate Naing (Secretary): +66 (0) 812 878 751
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