Pre-Meeting with Participant Organizations

AAPP has conducted series of pre-meetings with potential civil society organizations who are working on prisoners and prisons issues to form coalition network regarding Key Population in the prison reform.
At the meetings, representatives of AAPP explained about the prison reform activities which AAPP has been working on and the status of the prison law draft. After that, the purpose of the meeting, why KP is needed to be considered in the prison reform process and the action that AAPP intend to do.  With the meeting with KP organizations, Alliance Myanmar provided tremendous support for organizing the meeting. AAPP learnt tons of knowledges and information relating Key Populations and it provided a great support and contribution on refining the concept and approach upon prison reform.

Following the pre-meeting result, AAPP conducted the Prison Reform Consultative Workshop with KP organizations, political prisoner led organizations and organizations working on prison reform.