July 2011 AAPP Monthly Chronology

Summary of current situation

There are a total of 1995 political prisoners in Burma. In July, 1 activist was arrested, 1 political prisoner was released.

Since the protests in September 2007 leading to September’s Saffron Revolution, a total of 850 activists have been arrested and are still in detention.

Monthly Trend Analysis

The information received by AAPP during the month of July reports the ongoing mistreatment and poor health conditions of political prisoners in prisons. This month, AAPP has received several cases of prisoners suffering from severe health problems caused by the inhumane and harsh conditions of detention. Many of the political prisoners are suffering from health conditions that are caused by the poor hygiene and poor quality of food that they receive in the prisons. In addition, prison authorities often deny medical care and hospitalization when it is requested and needed by the prisoners, further worsening their health condition. While the return of the ICRC to the prisons appears positive, it is important to remember that prison authorities often try to hide the true picture of the reality inside the prisons. Former political have confirmed that the ICRC is never allowed to independently interact with prisoners during visits.

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7-Monthly Chronology of Burma Political Prisoners for July 2011