February 2011 AAPP Monthly Chronology

Summary of current situation

There are 2076 political prisoners in Burma. This is a decrease of 113 from last months figure of 2189. In February 19 political prisoners were released. The significant decrease, however, in this months reported figure does not reflect events in the past month rather retrospective information AAPP has obtained. In order to ensure accuracy and credibility in our reporting 1671 detainees whose current whereabouts is unconfirmed were removed from the AAPP current political prisoner list. They are now on the unconfirmed political prisoner list. AAPP will strive to find up to date information on these political prisoners and update the database accordingly. AAPP also learned about an additional 71 political prisoners who were arrested and sentenced prior to February 2011, most of whom are detained in Taungoo prison. These political prisoners, forty of whom are ethnic Karen, were added to the current political prisoner list.

Since the protests in September 2007 leading to September’s Saffron Revolution, a total of 846 activists have been arrested and are still in detention.

Monthly Trend Analysis

During the month of February 19 political prisoners were released, 14 political prisoners were sentenced, and 6 were transferred. Political prisoners continue to suffer the consequences of inhumane living conditions. At least 152 political prisoners are in poor health due to the harsh prison conditions, torture and transfers to remote prisons where there are no doctors, and the denial of proper medical care. In February AAPP learnt that 40 ethnic Karen had been arrested and sentenced prior to February 2011. Most of them were charged under 17(1) of the Unlawful Association Act.

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2-Monthly Chronology of Burmazs Political Prisoners for February 2011