Two Years Since the Failed Junta Coup

February 1, 2023

Today, February 1, 2023, will mark two years since the junta illegally seized power from a civilian government freely and credibly elected by the people of Burma.

Since the launch of the failed coup until this day, the junta has been detaining, torturing, and killing innocent civilians; looting and seizing the people’s properties; committing arson in towns and villages; and other such atrocities on a daily basis. Now, the junta wants to prolong its power by attempting to hold a sham election using unscrupulous and ruthless means.

According to AAPP documentation, from the day of the attempted coup to January 31, 2023, the junta has killed 2940 pro-democracy supporters and innocent civilians, and arrested 17572 political prisoners, all of whom will have endured physical and or mental torture.

In the midst of this, there are 101 people sentenced to death in detention and 42 people have been sentenced to death in absentia; a total 143 people sentenced to death in and outside of prison. Up until this day, 13763 are still detained, with 2771 women (including girls), and 377 children (male and female) among them. These are the numbers verified by AAPP; the actual numbers are likely much higher.

AAPP Secretary Ko Tate Naing said, “The terrorist junta has been committing violations amounting to war crimes, crime against humanity since the first day of the coup. The people do not accept the cruelty of the junta and have been revolting against its regime in any way they can since the day of the coup. Soon, the junta will face accountability for what they have committed.”

Joint-Secretary Ko Bo Kyi said, “Because of the junta’s reckless actions, not only is our domestic peace and stability being violated, but also the peace and stability of our neighboring countries. The international community should not only condemn these acts, they must take immediate, effective action in response. It is the only way innocent civilians can be protected.”

Since its foundation, AAPP has been diligently and tirelessly working for the unconditional release of all the political prisoners, uncovering truth to ensure justice for victims, in any and all ways we can.

We take this moment to urge governments and other international actors, including United Nations mechanisms and international non-governmental organizations to protect the civilians of Burma. Our people need safeguards from human rights violations. The widely condemned junta must be dealt immediate and effective action, using international law and other instruments, to end its egregious crimes.

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP)

Download link for English_Statement on Two years of the Coup (1-Feb-2023)