AAPP is a 2021 MacBride Peace Prize recipient

18 September 2021


The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners is honoured to receive the 2021 Sean MacBride Peace Prize. Being nominated for this award by the International Peace Bureau means a tremendous deal for our organization.

It is dedicated to all those who have sacrificed their lives and liberty for democracy, human rights, and a federal union in Burma. On behalf of all these heroes who have been struggling against the injustice of Burma’s military, AAPP graciously receives this award.

Since the 1 February coup, anyone can be arbitrarily detained or sentenced to decades in prison, even children are taken as hostage. The military has directed so-called soldiers and police to loot and destroy entire villages, innocent locals are targeted, and their homes burnt to the ground. Torture is deployed everywhere; a policy of this military used for decades against the ethnic nationalities. It is a terrorist group which creates a climate of fear by murdering at least 1109 civilians who simply desire to live in a democracy,

AAPP documents these crimes to advocate for the end of all human rights violations committed by the junta in Burma. We stand in solidarity with all those who have suffered. Sean Macbride knew that peace had to be inclusive, in Burma we have this same desire. The Spring Revolution is a struggle for the freedom of all ethnicities and religions from Burma.

We want to choose our own government and live side-by-side with communities who have different political views. We want the healthcare, education, and economy to be prioritized over military spending fuelled by exploitation of our natural resources.

To live in peace means no longer fearing a violent and corrupt institution which terrorizes its own people.

In Solidarity, 

Assistance Association for Political Prisoners

Download link for Press Release – AAPP 2021 MacBride Peace Prize Recipient

The Link of Prize  https://www.ipb.org/yesterdays-news/announcement-2021-macbride-peace-prize-recipients/?fbclid=IwAR0ik3VUtopEkl9KZ-KVXmIhB4wHWlq4mxOqomKOxhOQgwCDho6pOxNSFiw