Conern for the Safety of Seven Political Prisoners in Solitary Confinement for Undertaking a Hunger Strike (2011)

Immediate Release
Date: 25 May 2011

AAPP has learnt that 7 of the 22 political prisoners who have been on a hunger strike in Insein Prison have been placed in solitary confinement. They have a list of six demands regarding basic prisoner rights and have been undergoing a hunger strike until their demands are met. The prison authorities responded by sending them to the Military Dog Cell, a notoriously famous cell for brutal torture and extreme punishment. They were transferred on 24 May in the afternoon.
AAPP has also learnt that the other political prisoners who have been on hunger strike were told to gather their belongings, a likely indication that they will be transferred to remote prisons as a punishment.
The names of those placed in the dog cell are:
Ko Aung Kyaw Soe aka Pho Khwar serving 25 years
Nyi Nyi Tun serving 13 years
Soe Moe Tun serving 8 years
Zaw Tun Naing serving 3 years
Nyan Tun Lin serving 38 years
U Vithoddi aka Wunna Htay serving 5 years
U Yayvata serving 9 years
The list of the political prisoners who have been sent to the Military Dog Cell is attached to this document. Detail names list

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