August 2011 AAPP Monthly Chronology

Summary of current situation

There are a total of 1,9981 political prisoners in Burma. In August, 4 activists were arrested and no political prisoners were released.

Since the protests in September 2007 leading to September’s Saffron Revolution, a total of 854 activists have been arrested and are still in detention.

Monthly Trend Analysis


The laws set to criminalize peaceful dissent continue to reign in the Thein Sein regime, marking the month of August. Reports emerged that two youths were arrested and allegedly tortured for having three posters under their motorbike seat calling for the release of political prisoners. This is not unlawful, especially in light of recent calls by the Parliament requesting the release of political prisoners. Approximately 430 political activists are currently behind bars because of this oppressive law that dates back to the British colonial era, allowing for arbitrarily detention and arrests of activists.

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8-Monthly Chronology of Burma Political Prisoners for August 2011