Mon HR awarness for feb

             Human rights lecture for the community in Thahton Township, Mon State.

8 lectures on human rights in schools and community

In the month of February, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) delivered three lectures on human rights addressing the community in Magwe Division and five lectures in Mon State. The lectures were organized in three villages of Natmauk Township and five villages in Thahton District, Mon State. Thahton Township Parliament representatives Daw Khaing Lei Lei and U Aung Kyaw Thu, NLD Thahton Township Chairman, Mon State Civil Society Network Co-coordinator Zun Pan, Thahton Township Libraries Network Joint Secretary U Pan, Thahton Township Karen Literacy and Culture Group Chairman U San Tin and village heads participated and helped AAPP in organizing these lectures. The major theme of these lectures was protection and prevention of human rights abuses against children and civilians, and to promote compliance of the law. Particular emphasis was laid on issues relevant to the children and civilian such as child rape, and other rights and duties as prescribed under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). These lectures were delivered by AAPP members, head of AAPP’s Rangoon office, Ko Aung Myo Kyaw, and AAPP Human Rights Trainers Ko Wane Nwe, Ko Myo Tun, Ko Kyaw Oo, and Ma Thida Aye.  These lectures were attended by officials and residents of the eight villages.


at youth school

   AAPP Staff addressing the youth at the Hnget Aw San Social Welfare Training School

Visits at Hnget Aw San Social Welfare Training School and MNHRC

On February 6, AAPP Joint-Secretary Ko Bo Kyi led a 25-member trip to Hnget Aw San Social Welfare Training School in Hnget Aw San Village, Kawhnu Township, Rangoon Division. The trip occurred following a collaboration of AAPP with the Ministry during a meeting with Minister Dr. Win Mya Aye and his colleagues in early December. The Training school, controlled by the Ministry through its Department of Social Welfare, is for juvenile offenders who are sent to this school rather than a prison for their term of sentence. The visit included a reception of the team by the Staff at the school, speech by Ko Bo Kyi about AAPP, its activities, and collaboration with the Ministry.  AAPP Chief Clinical Supervisor of Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) Ko Kyaw Soe Win then talked about the MHAP program. Ko Bo Kyi, Author Hnin Pan Eine, and Ko Kyaw Soe Win gave a motivational speech to the students.

AAPP visit to MNHRC

On February 17, Joint Secretary of AAPP Ko Bo Kyi, Deputy of Foreign Affairs Kyaw Zin Min and Chief Clinical Supervisor of MHAP Ko Kyaw Soe Win visited Myanmar National Human Rights Commissioner (MNHRC) office in Rangoon to discuss potential future collaboration and further ways to promote and protect human rights in Burma. AAPP also emphasized and made suggestions on the issue of prison overcrowding in Burma.


TJ Training at kachin

Participants of the Training on transitional justice in Kachin State

two trainings in Kachin State and Sagaing Division

In the month of February, AAPP held two long trainings on transitional justice.  A 10-day Training from January 31 to February 9 was organized in Mogoung Township, Kachin State and a 12-day Training in Budalin Township in Sagaing Division from February 16 to February 27. In Kachin State, the Training was administered by members of AAPP staff Ko Saw Than Hlaing and Ko Kyaw Oo, attended by 30 participants, including members of Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP), National Unity Party (NUP), Red Cross, Women Affairs, Social Welfare Group and two students.  The Training in Sagaing Division was given by Ko Nay Wunn and Ko Sai Myint Thu, attended by 17 people, including 4 NLD members. However, considering the different situations in the two regions, the two training’s focused on different issues. Since Kachin State is still witnessing an armed conflict, there have been large scale cases of human rights violations, such as land confiscation, portering, extortion, drug trafficking or restrictions on freedom of movement. Whereas in Sagaing Division, the major issues which concern the community are corruption, discrimination and arbitrary land confiscation.  The Training’s serve as a capacity-building measure for these actors aiming to encourage and inform their participation in the democratic setup.


AAPP counsler

AAPP Counsellors at the Women’sDevelopment Centre, Rangoon

counseling programs at the Women’s development Center, Rangoon

The Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) division of AAPP visited Women Development Center and Women Vocational Training Center, Rangoon, run by the Department of Social Welfare to coordinate with the officer in-charge and begin a counseling program for women. Following a visit by the AAPP members, and counselors to the Center in January 2017 when AAPP met with Trainer in-charge Daw Aye Naw Win, AAPP identified the women who need mental health assistance out of the 56 women living there. In the first week of February, AAPP launched its counseling program in the Training Center located in Bahan Township. AAPP also launched another counseling program in the Women Development Center, Kamaryut Township. On February 12, AAPP visited the Center to meet with the trainer in-charge Daw Moe Moe Min and the women living there. Out of the 60 permanent residents of the Center, 13 women have been meeting with the AAPP counselors for mental health assistance.


Civil Society Organisations Pre-Forum

CSO forum

Than Htike Win [pictured second from the right] from AAPP attends the CSO Forum  

Civil Society Organisations Pre-Forum

From February 21-23, the first civil society organizations pre-forum was held at the Kokang Social Hall. Than Htike Win, AAPP member, attended as a member of the organizing committee of the forum. On the first day, there were 713 participants from the different division and sates. On the second day, there were 695 participants, and on the third day here were 651.

After the pre-forum, a press conference was held and the civil society organizations released statements.

AAPP Meeting withy Peace Boat Civil

with Peace boat

Ko Tate Naing, Ko Zaw Moe, and Ko Aung Myo Kyaw from AAPP meet with Meri Joyce from Peace Boat.

AAPP Meeting withy Peace Boat Civil

In February, AAPP welcomed staff from the organization Peace Boat to the Yangon office where they were shown around the AAPP museum. International Coordinator of Peace Boat, Meri Joyce expressed that it was “An honor to learn more about AAPP’s recent work, and the current situation regarding human rights, prison reform and education programs.”

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