Excursion Trip to the Hnget Aw San Social Welfare Training School (02/2017)


On February 6, 2017, AAPP Join-Secretary Ko Bo Kyi led a trip to Hnget Aw San Social Welfare Training School in Hnget Aw San village, Kawhmu Township, Yangon Division. This trip occurred following a collaboration agreement between AAPP and the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement during a meeting with Minister Dr. Win Mya Aye, and some of his colleagues in early December.


The meeting began with the headmaster, assistant headmaster and staff of the school held a reception in the school’s main hall explaining how the program works.
After the headmaster finished his speech, Ko Bo Kyi explained about AAPP, AAPP’s activities and program, goals, future plans, and a plan he had discussed with Social Welfare, relief and Resettlement Minister, Dr. Win Mya Aye. Ko Bo Kyi also gave an encouragement speech to the young people of the school.


Next, Ko Kyaw Soe Win talked about the work of AAPP’s Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) and how the counseling service is being worked into, and networked into some parts of juvenile training schools which are run by the DSW.
Following Ko Kyaw Soe Win, Ma Hninn Pan Eine shared some knowledge and gave a motivational speech to the students. The headmaster and staff then received a donation from AAPP. Lunch was served, where AAPP and the students and staff sang songs and played a games and time was allocated for the young people to share their life experiences. After that, the headmaster took AAPP members to look around and explained about the school building, dormitories, playground and library.


In conclusion, there are many circumstances which acted against these young people. This includes restrictions on Civil and Political Rights, arbitration not being conducted in the right way, poverty, and inequality in access to education.
It’s necessary to provide fulfilling surroundings, and to help make these children’s lives better. From this, the school needs to provide more staff members and decrease the capacity of the school to increase the quality of the service provided.