AAPP Lecture on Protecting and Preventing Human Rights Abuses Against Children (11/2017)



U Min Ko Naing

AAPP organized a lecture at Seikkyi Kanaungto High School on November 17, 2016. The topic of the lecture – that saw the participation of Min Ko Naing, Wunna New and Sandar Min – was the protection and the prevention of human rights abuses against children. Around 2000 people – including township administrators, parliament representatives, officials, police lieutenants, headmistress, teachers and students – attended the lecture.


Min Ko Naing began the lecture with a speech on ‘The Third Thought’, about children’s rights, the value of children, the future impact of children, in a language that was easily accessible to children as well as other audience members. Min Ko Naing was followed by Wunna Nwe who showed some videos on the History of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and focused on the dangers the Internet poses to children. Sandar Min closed the event with a speech on the rape of underage individuals and self-protection.


Daw Sandar Min

At the end of the three talks, AAPP distributed various materials to the participants, including pamphlets, posters and booklets.

Despite some initial complications, due to the hot temperature and the difficulties in raising children’s attention, the lecture was a complete success. Both children, teachers and officials showed a strong interest and actively participated in the lecture.

The lecture ended around 3 pm.

img_0662Ko Wunna Nwe