Daw Aung San Suu Kyis’s Statement on the Release of Political Prisoners (2016)

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AAPP welcomes the statement from the State Counsellors office on April 7 2016 concerning the intended release of political prisoners in Burma.
This statement demonstrates that the release of political prisoners, political activists, students and supporters who are facing trial because of their political activities is a first priority of the elected NLD-led government. AAPP deeply welcomes this sentiment.

The statement from the State Counsellors office included three potential methods of securing the release of political prisoners.  Two of these methods could enable the immediate release of political prisoners.  This announcement further legitimises the new elected government and increases public faith in their ability to implement key changes in Burma.

AAPP has documented 121 political prisoners still incarcerated and a further 414 facing trial.  It is also possible that there are more political prisoners incarcerated or facing trial outside of these figures.

AAPP congratulates the NLD government on their decision to act immediately on the political prisoner issue.  However, In order to ensure the continued freedom of the people of Burma, particularly political activists, repressive laws should be repealed as a matter of urgency.  AAPP recommends that the NLD government work to ensure that political prisoners cannot be charged under these repressive laws.  Furthermore, in the future, it is hoped that under NLD leadership political activists who have fled Burma in the past will feel safe and confident in returning to Burma with respect and dignity to assist in the transition and ongoing peace of their country.

AAPP will continue to do their utmost to assist the NLD government in the release, support and justice of political prisoners.  It is intended that AAPP will continue to advise the NLD government in the necessary legislative reforms and to provide assistance to political prisoners into the future.

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