AAPP Raises Concerns Despite Presidential Amnesty (2016)

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AAPP Raises Concerns Despite Presidential Amnesty

January 22, 2016
Today – January 22, 2016- the Government of Burma released 102 prisoners in a presidential amnesty under Section 401/ B of the Criminal Procedure. Among those released were 52 political prisoners.

While AAPP welcomes the release of political prisoners we maintain our concern for the remaining political prisoners and for the 408 currently awaiting trial for political actions. Of particular concern are the students and supporters who have been awaiting trial in detention since last March when they were arrested for their involvement in protests concerning the National Education Bill that were brutally dispersed by authorities.

AAPP notes that the President has the authority to end these protracted trials and urges the President to exercise his authority and release the students from detention immediately and unconditionally.

Despite the show of good will by the Government with today’s releases AAPP notes the recent arrest and detention of prominent leader of the Saffron Revolution U Gambira (aka) Nyi Nyi Lwin and todays sentencing of peace activist Patrick Khum Jaa Lee to six months imprisonment for allegedly defaming the military on Facebook.

These actions, and the relatively small release of political prisoners demonstrate that the government continues to harbor resentment and animosity toward those that oppose them.

AAPP raises its concerns that the contradicting actions of the Government of Burma today demonstrate the superficiality of the government’s commitment to a smooth transition of power. However, we urge the Government to hear the calls of people of Burma and the international community and immediately and unconditionally release all political prisoners before the end of their term in office. AAPP maintain that the without the release of all political prisoners there can be no national reconciliation.

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AAPP Raises Concerns Despite Presidential Amnesty

52 Released list last Updated on 22 Jan 2016 (Eng)

84 political prisoners list in prison last Updated on 22 Jan 2016 (Eng)