AAPP AND FPPS Joint Statement for 67th Annivesary of Independence Day of Burma (2015)

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Date: January 4, 2015
January 4, 2015 is the 67th anniversary of the Independent Day of Union of Burma (Myanmar). However, the promises made to the people of Burma have not yet been fulfilled. The basic essence of independence is still being denied to them and in fact they are losing their basic rights, along with their personal security. Although independence has existed for almost seven decades, there has been lack of opportunities for people to create their own fortune, live securely and work for the benefit and improvement of their country and people.
The problem of land confiscation, a lack of employee rights, restrictions placed on students’ freedoms, violation of basic human rights, a daily struggle to get food, clothing and shelter, are all challenges that the country faces to achieving peace, along with constitutional amendment problems, and the difficulty with having no consistent rule of law. One of the greatest barriers to the reform process is that the protesters and the political activists, who call for greater access to their rights, are constantly being threatened, detained, convicted and punished to the point of death. As a result of this continued unjust oppression, and arrests, there are many political prisoners still behind bars in Burma (Myanmar). There are currently there are one hundred and sixty four political prisoners in prisons throughout Burma (Myanmar), with a further two hundred and three activists awaiting trial. The people who reject the current government’s attitude and have the courage to call for their basic rights are increasingly detained and indicted. This number is ever increasing.
We remain firm in the belief that there will not be any national reconciliation if there are political prisoners in Burma (Myanmar). The government is consistently stating they are leading the democratic reform and encouraging the national reconciliation process. We strongly urge the government to demonstrate that their commitment is genuine and immediately release all remaining political prisoners and end the ongoing cases of activists We also call for the government to make moves to end the ongoing sufferings of current and former political prisoners and their families. The responsibility to ensure they have a better standard of living must lie with the government.
Our two organizations plan to collaborate with other parties including the government, working for political prisoner issues to end this problem. On behalf of Burmese (Myanmar) people, we are appreciative of the support international organizations give to this cause, constantly working towards the release of political prisoners, the achieving basic human rights, democracy and national reconciliation in Burma. We urge you to continue supporting and working with us.
Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)
Former Political Prisoners Society

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