AAPP Op-Eds 

AAPP Joint Secretary Ko Bo Kyi has written a number of op-eds campaigning for penal reform. These are available below.

  • 30 Years on from ’88 Uprising, a Need for Reparations – Irrawaddy, August 1st 2018
    Approaching the 30 year anniversary of the ’88 Uprising, Bo Kyi reflects on the progress and changes made in Burma, and the way forward to continue the fight for human rights and right previous injustices. He calls for reparations and the return of all exiles, activists and former political prisoners as important steps toward reconciliation. 

  • The Need for Mental Health Care in Myanmar – Irrawaddy, June 20th 2018
    Bo Kyi explains the relationship between mental health and human rights, and the importance of addressing mental health in order to achieve reconciliation in Burma. Trauma from armed conflict and living under military dictatorship have lasting impacts, both on individual health and on society. AAPP’s Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) has trained counselors to help address trauma from past human rights abuses and empowers people to move forward.