Daw Hinn Hay Man Win’s Profile

NAME: Hnin Hay Marn Win
Parents Name : U Win Maung
Date Of Birth : 37 year
Idntity Card No: to be confirm
Occupation : Land Borker
Education :
Last Address: Zee Oak Kwat Thit, Zee Oak Village, Patheingyi Township, Mandalay District, Mandalay Division
Date Of Arrest : Jun 18, 2018
Section Of Law : Section 505(B) of the Conducting to public mischief
Plaintiff :U Aung Kyaw Min (Deputy Township Administrator of the General Administration Department
COURT HEARING: Patheingyi Township Court
Prison: Mandalay (Obo) Prison
SENTENCING HISTORY: On Feb 25, 2019., she was sentenced to One year and six months imprisonment under Section 505(B) of the Conducting to public mischief.

Released on May 7, 2019 by President Amnesty.

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