AAPP Informative Pamphlet

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1.To accurately report the number of political prisoners held in Burma, and the human rights violations carried out against them in various detention centers,prisons and labor camps.
2. To advocate for prisons reforms to lessen the suffering endured by political prisoners.
3.To secure the support of governments and international organizations to pressure the military backed government to stop the persecution, arrest and detention of political prisoners, and to unconditionally release them all.
4. To provide political prisoners with necessities, such as food and medicine.
5.To protect former political prisoners, political and human rights activists and anyone who is working for civil and political rights from harassment and intimidation by the military backed government, in collaboration with local, regional and international forces.
6. To assist in the reconstruction of former political prisoners’ lives, including both their mental and physical well-being.
7. To cooperate with local, regional and international forces in developing transitional justice programs and ideals.
_paper of AAPP
1. To Secure the unconditional release of all political prisoners and ensure their right to safe participation in the democratization process in Burma.
2.To prevent human rights violations and protect political activists, human rights campaigners and the people of Burma from these abuses.
3. To encourage the development of transitional justice programs and ideals.