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ASEAN Participants Attended the ACSC/APF at the MCC (03/2014)

Posted: Friday, March 21st, 2014

From 21 – 23 March 2014, 2800 ASEAN participants attended the ACSC/APF 2014 at MCC. The AAPP Exhibition about Political Prisoners’ Activities was a highlight and heightened the regional awareness on obstacles towards democratization in Burma. ... Read more ➤


Joint Secretary Ko FPPS members Met with Former Political Prisoners at the National League for Democracy’s (NLD) Office (03/2014)

Posted: Thursday, March 6th, 2014

AAPP Joint Secretary and Former Political Prisoners Society (FPPS) members met with former political prisoners at the National League for Democracy’s office, Kemmendine Township for data collection of former political prisoners. ... Read more ➤


MHAP Meeting with United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner (03/2014)

Posted: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Kyaw Soe Win from AAPP’s Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) at a meeting with United Nations Human Rights office of the High Commissioner in Phnom Penh on 5 March 2014. ... Read more ➤


AAPP Meet with Representatives of the George W. Bush Presidential Cente, Rangoon (03/2014)

Posted: Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

On 5 March 2014, the joint secretary of AAPP, Ko Bo Kyi and Ko Saw, the deputy chief supervisor of MHAP met with representatives of George W. Bush Presidential Center at the AAPP office in Rangoon.   ... Read more ➤


Students in the Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP), Rangoon (03/2014)

Posted: Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Students on the Mental Health Assistance Program (MHAP) in Rangoon work together to order flashcards showing the steps of the counseling model for victims of trauma, as part of a course conducted by the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners with support from US universities. ... Read more ➤


MHAP Team Visits Khmer Rouge Museum ‘S-21’ in Phnom Penh (03/2014)

Posted: Monday, March 3rd, 2014

The MHAP team visits an exhibition on the genocide at the museum S-21. This photo was taken with the only survivor of the genocide in Tuol Slong. Mr. Chum Mey, the survivor talks about his experience in the book he just published. ... Read more ➤


MHAP (Rangoon) on a Field Trip to Cambodia (03/2014)

Posted: Sunday, March 2nd, 2014

Beginning of 2014 March, Ko Than Myint Aung, Ko Kyaw Soe Win, Ko Kyaw San, Ko Thet naung and Ma Khin Nyein Chan Soe are at the airport in Bangkok. They go on a study trip to Cambodia to learn about other similar mental health assistance programs and activities run in Cambodia. ... Read more ➤


AAPP trip to Bogalay Township, Irrawaddy Division

Posted: Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

In February, this is an AAPP trip to Bogalay Township, Irrawaddy Division. Bo Kyi talks about the data collection project of AAPP. ... Read more ➤


AAPP Attend Open Discussion Entitled ‘Transition Imagine Future’ at the French Embassy, Rangoon (02/2014)

Posted: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

AAPP attended the open discussion called “Transition Imagine Future” at the French Embassy in Rangoon on 23 February 2014. ... Read more ➤


Secretary Ko Tate Naing Gives Speech and CETA Closing Ceremony (02/2014)

Posted: Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Ko Tate Naing giving speech Closing Ceremony for CETA Training on 8 February 2014 at YMCA. ... Read more ➤