AAPP Press Release

AAPP and FPPS (2015) Documentation Project Interim Report

Posted: Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Executive Summary To date, government efforts to assist former political prisoners (FPPs) to acclimatize and reintegrate into society have been largely nonexistent in Burma. The effects of this inaction have, and continue to be hugely detrimental for the FPPs, their families, and for transitional justice efforts in the country. This inaction has become even more pressing since the government of Burma began releasing hundreds of political prisoners1 in a wave of amnesties following the 2011 political reforms. There are between 7,000 and 10,000 ... Read more ➤

Even Though I Am Free I Am Not: The Need for the Campaign in 2015

Posted: Sunday, January 4th, 2015

  Even though I am free I am not. This was the message the groundbreaking 2010 photography campaign sought to convey to the world. The message that the burgeoning road to freedom in Burma would be forever blocked while political prisoners remained. Freedom is not solely liberation from prison. It is also the need for a free country, a Burma where political freedoms and civil liberties are respected and there no longer exist political prisoners. This photo campaign, initiated by award winning documentary journalist James MacKay and The Ass... Read more ➤

AAPP AND FPPS Joint Statement for 67th Annivesary of Independence Day of Burma (2015)

Posted: Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Date: January 4, 2015 January 4, 2015 is the 67th anniversary of the Independent Day of Union of Burma (Myanmar). However, the promises made to the people of Burma have not yet been fulfilled. The basic essence of independence is still being denied to them and in fact they are losing their basic rights, along with their personal security. Although independence has existed for almost seven decades, there has been lack of opportunities for people to create their own fortune, live securely and work for the benefit and improvement of their country... Read more ➤

Statement on Government Policy on Return and Resettlement of Exiled Activists and Political Forces (2014)

Posted: Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Statement on Government Policy on Return and Resettlement of Exiled Activists and Political Forces By Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, Equality Myanmar, Burma Partnership 18 December 2014   Government Must Adopt and Effectively Implement a Clear Policy for Return and Resettlement for Exiled Activists and Political Forces After the 2010 elections and during the early days of the reform process, President U Thein Sein’s Government invited Burma/Myanmar diaspora communities, including exiled activists and political forces fr... Read more ➤

Letter of Condolence for the Passing of Ko Hla Myo Naung (2014)

Posted: Friday, November 28th, 2014

In Remembrance of Hla Myo Naung, 1969 – 2014 On November 27, 2014, the democracy movement in Burma lost one of its strongest proponents with the passing of Hla Myo Naung. A leading member of the 88 Generation Student Group, Hla Myo Naung has spent the last 26 years fighting for the rights and freedoms of all Burmese people, and has been persecuted by the government on countless occasions. His passing, at the age of 46, is grieved by AAPP, as well as all others committed to democratic change in Burma. In the new millennium, Hla Myo Naung ... Read more ➤

AAPP and FPPS Response to the Governmental Satement (11/2014)

Posted: Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

November 3 2014 AAPP and FPPS, since establishment, have verified backgrounds, case files, and verdicts of each and every political prisoner and documented the list of political prisoners in accordance with our definition of political prisoner. We have also analyzed as thoroughly as we can whether there was a free and fair trial, legal protection, the right to defense and the crimes accused on them were really committed or not. We repeatedly call for unconditional release of all political prisoners by the list we documented. It is vivid that t... Read more ➤

AAPP’s Statement on the Death of Freelance Journalist Aung Kyaw Naing, A.K.A Par Gyi (2014)

Posted: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Date, 27 Oct 2014 The death of well known freelance journalist Aung Kyaw Naing, aka Par Gyi, while in military custody in Kyaikmayaw Township, Mon State, comes as a shocking reminder of how extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detention and torture are still being used against citizens in Burma. Par Gyi worked as a security guard for Aung San Suu Kyi during the 1988 Democratic Movement and was a member of the Tri Color Students Group. He has since been working as a freelance journalist in and around the Thai-Burma border. Par Gyi disappeared afte... Read more ➤

AAPP and FPPS Press on the Definition of a Political Prisoner (2014)

Posted: Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

The Assistance Association for Political Prisoners and the Former Political Prisoners Society sponsored a joint seminar on August 17th and 18th that sought to establish a working definition of a political prisoner. The seminar received 50 attendees, including representatives from political parties and human right groups, solicitors, former political prisoners and delegates from FIDH and the International Centre for Transitional Justice. The following is the definition that was agreed upon by those in attendance at the seminar. The Definition o... Read more ➤

AAPP Statement: Unity Weekly Journalists Sentenced (2014)

Posted: Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

AAPP Press Statement: Unity Weekly Journalists Sentenced On Thursday July 10, 2014, the CEO and four reporters from the Unity Weekly received a ten-year sentence for “disclosing state secrets.” In spite of the government’s purported commitment to ensuring political freedoms, this sentence demonstrates the insincerity with which the government intends to protect the freedom of the press. The Unity employees were prosecuted under the 1923 State Secrets Act after the news agency attempted to investigate a building believed to be a chemical ... Read more ➤

AAPP and FPPS on the Continued Incarceration of Political Activists (2014)

Posted: Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

                        The Ongoing Arrests of Political Activists in Burma Date… 27, May 2014. The end of 2013 saw numerous government statements that convinced much of the outside world that all political activists had been freed from Burma’s jails. These statements not only served to undermine the plight of those political activists still in jail at the beginning of 2014, but also shifted focus away from the ongoing restrictions and harassments of political activists. In 2014, there have been 85 people charged unde... Read more ➤