AAPP Chronology

October 2008 AAPP Monthly Chronology

Posted: Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Summary Since the protests in August, leading to last September’s Saffron Revolution, a total of 1,022 activists have been arrested. In October, there were 18 arrests, 45 activists were sentenced and 20 were released. In comparison with September, there were fewer arrests (18 compared to 88 in September), but many more activists have been sentenced (45 compared to 18 in September). September marked the anniversary of last year’s Saffron Revolution, and the regime cracked down on activists engaged in activities to mark the anniversary, which... Read more ➤

September 2008 AAPP Monthly Chronology

Posted: Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Summary There are a total of 2123 political prisoners in Burma, including 213 Monks, 16 MPs, 264 Students, 178 Women, 473 NLDs, 36 HRDPs, 219 Ethnics, 51 Former Political Prisoners, 22 Teachers, 41 Media Activists. 108 are considered in bad health in various prisons. After the Saffron Revolution, there were 1001 political prisoners, included 137 Monks, 117 Women, 257 Under Trial, 134 Imprisonment, and 43 in bad health in various prisons. Download PDF file below: 9-Monthly Chronology of Burma Political Prisoners for September 2008 ... Read more ➤